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fiber_newNutraceutical Sprays

new_releases Vpl team is pleased to Introduce to you a very Unique innovation which could help us to solve various day to day problems. Especially "Women" forget to take up their daily vitamin need and this ignores their health. This product can help us overcome the problem
Sr. no Products Brands Packing
1 Folic Acid + Vitamin B12 spray Vipravita Spray 30ML
2 Vitamin D3 Spray Vipravita D3 30ML
3 Multi-Vitamin Spray Vipramultivita 30ML
4 Folic Acid Viprafolic Spray 30ML
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    No Side effects
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    100% Vegetarian
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    Hustle Free , Convenient & Easy to Carry (Portable)
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    Sugar Free (Good for diabetics patient)
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    Tastes Good (kids friendly) Also available in different flavors
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    Faster Absorption and more Effective as compared to Capsules, Tablets, Powders, Supplements